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Spatial Planning Tools for Revitalising

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Middle Suburbs


Envision provides users a way of investigating and analysing the redevelopment potential of LGAs, suburbs or custom delineated regions of Melbourne, Perth and Christchurch. The system includes a Multi-Criteria Evaluation (MCE) tool to create and map composite indexes of census demographic data, a query tool for identifying redevelopable properties based on a range of property and distance-based indicators, and a viability tool for assessing the financial return of various redevelopment options. The system also enables users to download data for use in Envision Scenario Planner (see below).

Envision Image


Rezone is a quick and simple-to-use system for determining the existing housing capacity of a LGA or suburb, and generating alternative capacity scenarios by enabling users to rezone land parcels. Land can be rezoned by a variety of methods, including drawing a polygon around desired lots or drawing points or lines and buffering them by a specified distance. As users go about rezoning land parcels, feedback is provided regarding the change in capacity that is being created. Currently the system is only available for Perth, however, a version for Melbourne is currently being developed.

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Envision Scenario Planner (ESP) is a web-based system for sketch planning redevelopment options for an identified renewal precinct. Once cadastral data has been imported into the system, lots can be amalgamated and subdivided, rezoned, and allocated height limits. Users can then drag-and-drop objects from a library over 100 precinct typologies, ranging from single houses to high rise apartment buildings and even shops, schools and street trees. As a virtual neighbourhood is being designed in 3D, reports are generated providing users feedback on over 300 KPIs including embodied and operating carbon, operating energy, water demand, capital and operating costs, transport and a suite of planning metrics.

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To find out more about the project or request access to these tools, please contact one of the following team members:

Dr Roman Trubka - Researcher/Developer
Dr Stephen Glackin - Researcher (Melbourne)
Dr Rita Dionisio - Researcher (Christchurch)
Phil Delaney - Business Manager (Melbourne)
Darren Mottolini - Business Manager (Perth)
Prof Peter Newman - Project Leader (Perth)
Prof Peter Newton - Project Leader (Melbourne)
Prof Simon Kingham - Project Leader (Christchurch)